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Thrive with Coyote™ products


Coyote™ products can help you live a more active lifestyle.

  • The Air-Lock has airtight suction that helps create a more intimate fit and patient comfort. Some patients say it makes the prosthesis feel like it is a part of them.

  • The added security of a pin helps create more confidence in knowing the prosthesis is secure.

  • The Air-Locks ability to have built-in offset alignment can help save money and weight.

  • The water-resistants of Coyote's Air-Lock holds up well in corrosive environments. It should be rinsed out after being in saltwater, chlorine, mud, or sandy environments. If required it is easy to take apart and clean or replace internal parts.


Coyote's Dynamic AFO Strut was designed for Custom AFOs.

The Strut's unique varying thickness helps create a comfortable natural gait that moves with the patient. The struts are now made with Resilergy™ composite, Coyote’s proprietary blend of materials and resin to create durability and dynamics. 

Introductory pricing is currently available and our Fitting Kit, with multiple demo struts of different rigidity, is available at a deep discount.

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