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Cyclone™ Bike Foot Pat. Pend

Designed to give optimal power stroke, fit, and alignment for cycling.

The Cyclone™ Bike Foot was designed without compromising durability and to minimize foot weight. While pedaling, the Cyclone™ gives unmatched energy transfer.

FB1 | Cyclone™ Bike Foot Pat. Pend

  • Light Weight

  • Durable

  • Rigid

  • Optimal - Power Stroke, Fit, & Alignment

The short foot length design increases pedal stroke efficiency.


The innovative design eliminates energy lost to weight caused by a foot shell and shoe. It also eliminates energy loss to deflection caused by the flex of the shoe and foot shell.

The adjustable pyramid allows the foot to be either right or left.
The cleat bracket can be used with two or three hole cleats. 

The Coyote Cyclone™ Bike Foot (FB1) was designed for K3-K4 level ambulators who desire a lightweight, durable, and rigid foot. It is designed to give optimal power stroke, fit, and alignment for cycling. Patent Pending

Pyramid Adjustment holes

For side-to-side adjustment

Holes give the pyramid 14 mm of adjustment

Adjust for a right or left pedal


Titanium Pyramid has set screws

Help hold alignment and prevent rotation

Cyclone Bike foot with pyramid 1400x1200.png

Adjust to the bicyclist's preference

Adjust to patients' needs or riding style


Always apply Loctite® Blue 242 

Torque bolt head to 40 Nm.


Can be used with 2 or 3-hole cleats

Loctite® Blue 242 and torque cleat screws to 10NM

Helpful Instructions

In PDF Format

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