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Now Available

CQL Auto Expultion Valve

Air-Lock Push Button Valve

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Auto Expulsion that can be retrofit

Now Available

The New Drop-In Suction Puck.

Designed for 3D Sockets.


New Valve - Now Available


Integrated into the Air-Lock Push Button
Sold Separately


Easy to retrofit, just replace the original push button with the New Air-Lock Push Button Valve.

  • Quiet expulsion.

  • No need to create holes in the side of the socket.

  • Water-Resistant

CD103BV | Air-Lock Push Button Valve

An after-market addition that 
can be retrofitted on All Air-Locks.

CD105 | CQL Auto Expulsion Valve

Height: 11mm | Diameter: 24mm | Patent pending


The CQL Auto Expulsion Valve can be retrofit or used with new fabrication tooling for easy installation in new sockets. The built-in auto expulsion quitely expels air all day with no fuss. The CQL features a higher "crack" pressure than most valves, which helps to create a higher level of hypobaric suspension

  • Easy to clean and retrofit

  • Includes a filter to block debris

  • Quiet expulsion

  • Low profile

*Image for size comparison

Drop-In Suction Puck

Now Available

Tailored for seamless integration with 3D printed sockets

  • Designed for 3D Printed Sockets

  • Enhanced comfort for users

  • Efficient built-in one-way air expulsion valve

  • Built in four hole connector

CD120SP | Drop-In Suction Puck

Weight Limit: 265 lbs

Build Height: 1.5"

Use the Drop-In Suction Puck for when you want to print a 3D socket.

For 3D printing contact Coyote® for your STL and OBJ Files.

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