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Auto Expulsion that can be retrofit


New Valve - Now Available


Integrated into the Air-Lock Push Button
Sold Separately

An after-market addition that 
can be retrofitted on All Air-Locks.


Easy to retrofit, just replace the original push button with the New Air-Lock Push Button Valve.

  • Quiet expulsion.

  • No need to create holes in the side of the socket.

  • Water-Resistant

CD103BV | Air-Lock Push Button Valve
CD105 | CQL Auto Expulsion Valve

Height: 11mm | Diameter: 24mm | Patent pending


The CQL Auto Expulsion Valve can be retrofit or used with new fabrication tooling for easy installation in new sockets. The built-in auto expulsion quitely expels air all day with no fuss. The CQL features a higher "crack" pressure than most valves, which helps to create a higher level of hypobaric suspension

  • Easy to clean and retrofit

  • Includes a filter to block debris

  • Quiet expulsion

  • Low profile

*Image for size comparison


Coyote Quik Glue

Attach to liner with Coyote Quik Glue

Adhesive or 5 minute epoxy

CD103WH | Lock Wrench

Makes maintenance easy

Billing Information: Recommended Codes

L5647: Addition to lower extremity, Below Knee, suction socket

L5652: Addition to lower extremity, suction suspension, Above Knee or Knee Disarticulation Socket

L6698: Upper extremity addition, Below Elbow/Above Elbow lock mechanism, excludes socket insert

L6686: Upper extremity addition, suction socket

The listing of codes with our products should not be construed as a guarantee for coverage and/or payment.

The ultimate responsibility for the coding of services/products rests with the individual practioner.

For more information regarding billing the Air-Lock and our socket pressure study between airtight and traditional pins, please fill out the contact form below or head to our Contact page for more options.

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