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Prosthetic & Orthotic accessories for your everyday needs

CD103FL | Fitting Lock

Air-Lock housing with reinforced distal end for accurate evaluation of lock pin spacing to improve seating of pin in lock. Ideal for reducing play in lock.

(Contact Coyote for long pin (Deep Air-Lock) fitting locks. For fitting only.

CD103RBC | Release Button Cover

Added to end of release button to make it easier for patients to release the lock. Ideal for geriatric or other lower dexterity or limited hand strength patients.

CD103WH | Lock Wrench

Removes valve body of Air-Lock to access the inside of the lock. Wrench is equivalent to 13mm deep well socket.

CD103GPN | Guide Pin

Used to make standard locks deeper. Prevents long pins from bottoming out in standard locks.

CD103PC | Pin Cap

The Pin Cap is used to reseal socket to keep it airtight when deepening socket when using a long pin with a standard lock.

CD103ELP | Exo Lamination Plug

Used when fabricating the Air-Lock in Exo sockets.

CD316A | Casting Handle

Use with Air-Lock or Easy-Off Lock.

CD316SA | Small Air-Lock Casting

Handle. Use with Small Air-Lock. The Casting Handle speeds up the casting process and helps ensure proper lock alignment.

CD103FD | Fabrication Dummy

For use with CD103 Air-Lock, CD103D Deep Air-Lock, CD117 Easy-Off Lock and CD117D Deep Easy-Off Lock.

Recommended for fabrication of flexible inner liners or for inner layer of PETF with Elevated Vacuum.

CD103SFD | Small Fabrication Dummy

For use with CD103S Small Air-Lock and CD103D Small Deep Air-Lock.

Recommended for fabrication of flexible inner liners or for inner layer of PETF with Elevated Vacuum.

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