CD106 | Alignment Coupler

Offset for ML and AP of 0.64″. Easily installs on Four-Hole Connector. Easy to adjust with 3mm wrench. For fitting purposes only. 265 lb weight limit.

CD301 | Extractor Socket Removal Tool

The Extractor quickly and easily removes most molds from the laminated or thermoformed socket without damaging the mold or socket. Includes an adapter for sockets with four-hole connectors.

CD307  |  Plaster Spreader

Used for build-ups during modifications. The tool is easy to clean and won’t stick to plaster.

CD311  |  12 oz Mixing Bowl

Made of non-stick, durable material, and is easy to grip and clean. Wide base won’t tip over. 

CD302  |  Pylon Spacers

Easily make incremental height adjustments during the fitting

process without leaving the exam room. 1/8″ or 1/4″ available.

Sold in packs of two of each size.

CD309  |  Modification Handle

Allows for modifications while keeping fingers and knuckles clear of abuse. Easy to clean and replace blades, and reduces blade breakage. Works with 10″ Stanley Surform Blades, flat- or half-round. 

CD308  |  Casting Bag

The Casting Bag, as seen in the RCR workshop, is ideal for casting over to keep the liner clean. Sold in packs of 100.

CD103SFC  |  Small Casting Dots (200 pk)

CD103LFC  |  Large Casting Dots (50 pk)

Easily mark problem areas during the casting process. The adhesive back will keep them in place during casting. 0.375″ or 0.87″ diameter.