The equipment and supplies you need to help keep you and your patients safe

Coyote’s Disinfecting Wipes (CD640) comes in a convenient travel size with 40 – 4×4 inch wipes.

Convenient size to keep you and your patients safe on the go.

Fits great in a car cup holder.

Our 8.5″x11″ cling signs are available in a set of three

Clings are printed on a non-adhesive, static cling material.
For indoor use on a clean, smooth, dry surface.
When placed they will remain in position when undisturbed.
These clings are not suitable for windows.

All safety products and kits are available from your O&P distributor

Coyote Mask Description

The outer and inner layer of the mask is covered with a light cotton fabric. Sandwiched between the cotton fabric is a layer of polypropylene. This is the material used in N95 masks. This is a washable mask with three breathable layers of filtered protection.

A testimonial on the mask from Josh our R&D Manager:

The Coyote Face mask is a well thought out mask with some nice features.  It fits your face very well, it offers maximum coverage with multiple layers of fabric, unlike some masks.  It is easy to wash and adjust to your face.   This mask is prefered over many masks and if maximum protection is needed, the Coyote Mask is the first choice.  


Josh McDevitt

A testimonial on the mask from Jon our Production Manager:

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know my two cents with the latest version on the masks. I’ve been wearing the newest one for two days and think it’s comfortable and light weight. It fits my face well and doesn’t slide all over the place when I try and talk and there’s room between my face and the mask. It doesn’t feel like it’s smothering me which is always good. It does get a little warm depending on what I’m doing, but I haven’t tried a mask that hasn’t done that. I can’t feel the ear straps which is good. I think it’s the best one we’ve come up with yet.