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Kleenaire USA

New Mini Kleenaire Now Available
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Dual-filtered air purification system to help keep you, your employees, and your patients safe

Why the Kleenaire USA?

Trusted for more than 20 years, Kleenaire USA has always had one goal: to keep the air you and/or your employees, customers, or students safe enough to breathe day in and day out. Our products have been tried and tested, used by individuals and businesses across the nation who have seen the enormous health benefits clean, purified air can have. From small homes to large manufacturing facilities and everything in between, our dual-filtered air purification system will be your new favorite appliance, guaranteed.

**Order through one of our distributors or by calling us at 208-429-0026

Features & Benefits
  • Dual-filtered with option of hospital grade MERV-13 filter

  • Easy installation - only takes minutes to install with easy-to-read instructions

  • No disruption to employees or patients due to installation

  • Standard 110 volt wall plug

  • Save on heating and cooling bills since the air is re-circulated continuously and not vented outside

  • Lowers CO2 levels, lowering risk of spreading airborne viruses, harmful particles, etc.


"We have noticed that the odor from gluing has almost disappeared from our office/lab space.  After 2 weeks of use, the filters were just full of dust.  Imagine what we were breathing.  We have also noticed a decline in the residue we normally see floating in the air when we are grinding.  Overall, we are more than pleased with the results we have experienced so far."

Aldo Alvarez, CPO - Ortho Pro Associates

Quarterly Filter Subscription

Don't want to deal with remembering when to change the filter? Let us handle it for you! Order our year-long filter subscription and we will send you a new filter(s) every quarter.

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