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CD206 Coyote Dynamic AFO Strut 2021

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Coyote Dynamic AFO Strut

Coyote Dynamic AFO Strut

Coyote Dynamic AFO Strut

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Air-lock & Easy-Off Lock Instructions

Fabrication of Air-Lock Socket

Thorough video of entire Air-Lock fabrication process

Air-Lock & Easy-Off Lock – Step 1 – Installing Lock On Mold

Air-Lock & Easy-Off Lock – Step 2 – Drape Molding Check Socket Fabrication Instructions

Air-Lock & Easy-Off Lock – Step 3 – Transferring Alignment CD103

Air-Lock & Easy-Off Lock – Step 4 – Layup CD103 and CD117 Easy Off Lock

Air-Lock and Easy-Off Lock – Step 5 – Finish

Fabrication of Easy-off Lock Socket

Prepping Lock for elevated vacuum.

Elevated Vacuum Socket with Surlyn

VERY IMPORTANT – When using Surlyn make sure to use an epoxy resin only. Rough up the Surlyn and Easy-Off Lock as in the videos. Let the resin cure overnight or to be safe cure for 24 hours.

Easy-Off Lock using Surlyn – Step 1 – Preparing Cast

Easy-Off Lock using Surlyn – Step 2 – Seal Preparation

Easy-Off Lock using Surlyn – Step 3 – Alignment Transfer & Lamination

Easy-Off Lock Using Surlyn – Step 4 – Finishing Socket & Final Evaluation

Other Air-Lock & Easy-Off Lock Videos

Sealing leaky prosthetic socket 

CD103FD Flexible Inner Socket with and without Coyote Design Fabrication Dummy

CD103 Coyote Air-Lock: Patient Maintenance

Blister forming Air-Lock test socket without connector

Blister forming Air-Lock test socket with connector

Locking Lanyard Pin and 5 Degree Connector.

CD103P8 Pin Adjustment

How to install Coyote Brass Pin the CD103P8H

CD117 Easy-Off™ – Preparation For Test Socket

Modifying Air-Lock for long pin

Salvaging Coyote Design Lock Parts

CD103 Air Lock Assembly & Quality Check

Proximal Lock Instructions

CD116 Proximal Lock Flexible Inner Socket

CD116 Proximal Lock creating form for liner

CD116 Proximal Lock attaching Liner Attachment

CD116 Using Sock with Proximal Lock

Other Coyote Instructions

CQL Valve Installation gfx

CQL Valve Installation gfx

Plaster casting a prosthetic device

CD301 Extractor Instructions

CD301 Extractor Coyote Design

LowPro Summit Socket Fabrication with Flexible Inner Socket

LowPro Summit Lock Socket Fabrication

CD101 Summit Lock Socket Fabrication

Summit and LowPro Liner Attachment

CD120 Lanyard Plastic Puck – Coyote Design’s Lanyard Plastic Puck Copoly Test Socket

CD120 Lanyard Plastic Puck – Coyote Design’s Lanyard Plastic Puck Vivak Test Socket

Installation video of Coyote Design’s Wave Suction Band (CD130B – S, M, L, X) Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

CD309 Modification Handle Fab