Lanyard Puck

Coyote’s Lanyard Puck. This is a simple, lightweight, ultra-low build height lanyard lock that helps with prosthetic pistoning. Like other Coyote prosthetic locks, it has multiple connector options for fabrication of a lower extremity prosthetic. This lanyard is segmented making easy length adjustments. They work well for simple visual donning and doffing and have 1K to 4K activity levels.

CD121  |  Lanyard Metal Puck 

110 grams

Integrated 4 hole connector

CD120  |  Lanyard Plastic Puck 

65 grams  

CD121D  |  Lanyard Aluminum Dummy with Posts

CD120L  |  Lanyard & low profile screw

24 inch strapping (puck not included)

CD121P  |  Lanyard Metal Puck with Posts  

110 grams

Integrated 4 hole connector

The side slots are designed to help hold the puck firmly in place. Use the (CD121PD) Lanyard Aluminum Dummy with Posts if you want the CD121P puck to be removable.


Coyote Quik Glue

50cc and 220cc cartridges. Dispenser or plunger required; include 1 mix tip.

CD115CF5 | 5 Degree AK Connector

Capable of up to 1.5” of Offset with 5 degrees of flexion angle.

Billing Information – Recommended Codes

L5671   Addition to lower extremity, Below Knee/Above Knee suspension locking mechanism (shuttle, lanyard or equal), excludes socket insert.

The listing of codes with our products should not be construed as a guarantee for coverage or payment.

Ultimate responsibility for the coding of services/products rests with the individual practitioner.