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Coyote Company History

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the functioncomfort, and outcomes we would expect for ourselves and our families through exceptional devicestechniquesproducts, and service.

Who is Coyote?

Out of the need for better products in their own patient care, Dale Perkins, CPO, and son Matt Perkins founded Coyote in 1999. They continue to work closely with orthotic and prosthetic wearers, clinicians, and technicians to provide products, methods, and designs that will continue to improve the field of orthotics and prosthetics. Both Matt and Dale are amputees themselves, making their passion very personal. In 2012 Coyote was awarded the Blue Ribbon by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a Dream Big Small Business of the Year.

Real-world solutions for amputees, created by amputees.

We are innovators and creators of orthotic and prosthetic devices that are used by O&P practitioners all over the world.

Whether you need prosthetic locking devices or prosthetic and orthotic parts your support team at Coyote can help find the solution you’re looking for. We design and build adult and pediatric prosthetic components for above and below-knee amputees. We also design and build components with upper extremity and orthotic patients in mind. Ask us how our parts, materials or fabrication can help your practitioners, technicians and amputees.

Contact Coyote today and let’s get started. Click on the contact us tab and fill out the form to send a message to representatives from Coyote or call today at 208-429-0026.

Matt Perkins running in the ITU Triathlon World Championships

Our prosthetic locks are water-resistant and designed to stand up to the elements so your patient can live a more active life being able to participate in whatever activities life brings.

Scuba Diving with Prosthetic Proximal Lock

Our airtight prosthetic locks are the Air-Lock and Easy-Off Lock. These dual suspension pin systems are designed for comfort and added security. Being airtight helps to give the prosthesis a more intimate fit to the amputee’s residual limb and helps reduce pistoning in the prosthetic.

Matt Perkins winning World Championship Marithon


Our zero clearance prosthetic locks are the Proximal Lock, Low Pro-Lock, and the Summit Lock. These locks control rotation and the Summit Lock can be retrofit. We also have the Lanyard Puck which is a simple Velcro strap lanyard lock that is lightweight with an ultra-low build height.

USA - Idaho MapMost of Coyote’s products are designed and manufactured in Idaho. Our prosthetic parts are designed to support Below Knee (BK), Above Knee (AK), Upper Extremity prosthetics, Above Elbow (AE), Below Elbow (BE), and pediatric amputees.

Coyote also has orthotic designed struts these include the Dynamic Strut AFO and our Pediatric AFO Strut.

Coyote Composite RoleYou may also be interested in our alternative to carbon fiber. Coyote Composite is a lightweight and tough organic product that is safe to use and has less itch than carbon fiber. Coyote Composite is more flexible than carbon fiber making it more comfortable for patients and it makes a tougher prosthetic or orthotic since it is less brittle.  The socket can still be made stiff if that is preferred.

We can custom build a prosthetic or orthotic for your patient and our Central Fabrication specializes in our products so be sure to contact us for a catalog.

We also have several online courses that can be taken for continuing education credits that demonstrate a number of different casting and fabrication methods. Go to www.opqschool.com for course descriptions.

Be sure to check out our “how-to” or “do it yourself” videos on our this website by clicking on the video at the top of the page or going to various product pages.

Your coyote team


Bob Rich - CPO

Bob Rich CPO - is an American Board Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist caring for patients at the Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics Twin Falls office. Bob received his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Utah. While there he volunteered at Shriners Hospital for Children in the Orthotics and Prosthetics department. This turned out to be a good fit as he had always wanted to be in the medical field and involved in patient care. He went onto get his masters in prosthetics and orthotics from the University of Pittsburgh before doing his residency in Sacramento. Bob is fairly fluent in Spanish and enjoys many hobbies and spending time in nature with his wife and boys.

Richard Miltenberger - CPO

Richard is an American Board Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist at Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics in Boise. He completed his degrees in Orthotics and Prosthetics from Northwestern University, as well as further training at the Center for the Intrepid, in San Antonio, Texas, at Brooke Army Medical Center. He spent 5 years at the Naval Medical Center San Diego, C5 Rehabilitation Center, treating active duty amputees and injured service members, where he was part of the Military Amputee Center of Excellence (ARC). With over 10 years of experience in the field, he joined Coyote Prosthetics in 2020. Richard is excited for the challenges that he is able to overcome each day for his patients, and enjoys the atmosphere of innovation at Coyote. He specializes in high activity prosthetics, as well as energy-storing AFO’s to relieve foot and ankle pain. He likes to help his patients to push the limits, and go as far as they can. He and his wife Katie enjoy hiking and camping with their 3 children.


Russ Bartlett Jr. - CPOA / Central Fabrication

Russ manages our c-fab and fabricates many of our prosthetics and orthotics. Russ started working for Coyote sister company Rehab Systems in 1998 as a technician and assisted Coyote in product development. Russ became a full time Coyote employee in 2014 setting up our central fab. Russ enjoys Idaho's outdoors camping, fishing and golfing.

Support Staff

Kate Brookshire / Lead Administrator

Kate Brookshire started working with Rehab Systems in 2013 at an entry level position doing miscellaneous jobs and has worked her way up to become the Boise Lead Administrator. She graduated from University of Idaho where she received her Baccalaureate degree in Wildlife Resources. She decided to move to Boise to be close to her family where she worked as a gardening and pruning technician for 5 years prior to joining the team at Rehab Systems. She has two beautiful girls and enjoys being a mom and participating in any outdoor activities.

Wendy Hosac - Chief Operating Officer

Wendy was a stay at home mom for 15 years. When her children were in school full-time she went back to college and earned her Bachelor’s degree at Boise State University in 2008. She joined Coyote in 2011 working part-time as an office assistant then in 2012 as the Director of Customer Service. In 2014 she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. After 15 years of raising her children, she really enjoys working with customers and her co-workers. She spends her spare time with her family, friends and dogs enjoying everything Idaho has to offer. Her hobbies include camping, reading and watching football.


Matt Perkins / President and CEO

Matt began his O & P career as many sons of prosthetists do, in the lab. For many years Matt worked with his father’s patient care facility as a technician. During a skiing career with the US Disabled Ski Team, he participated at the Nagano Paralympics in 1998 while continuing to work as a technician. Opting out of following in his father’s footsteps he continued to work in the field as a technician and began to help develop products for O & P. After retiring from ski racing in 2002, he turned to triathlon, and has since won the ITU Triathlon World Championships in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

Dale Perkins / CPO - Director of Education

Dale Perkins CPO – Certified in Orthotics in 1979 and certified in Prosthetics in 1981. Dale founded Rehab Systems (now Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics) in 1993 and is in full-time patient care practice in Twin Falls and Boise. Dale was born with Fibular Hemimelia which lead to severe ankle DJD at age 35. Dale developed multiple laminated AFOs for his arthritis until the ongoing pain led to a Symes Amputation in 1992 and a closed femoral shortening was done to equalize knee center. As strength returned to his quad issues with the socket became apparent mainly restricting full extension in his stride. This lead Dale to experiment with his own socket design and give him the experience to help others with similar problems. Dales golf handicap dropped from 22 to 7 after his amputation and made two holes in one in the same round in 2008.

The rest of your team

Jennifer Fayter

Sales Director

Jennifer has been in the O&P Industry since 2001 and brings a wealth of experience to the company.  Jennifer’s enthusiasm for the O&P field, combined with the belief that quality products and customer satisfaction are absolute priorities, coincide with our feelings at Coyote.  Jennifer has been an active volunteer within the Industry, serving on the OPAF board of directors and on the Industry Advisory Council for O&P News.  Jennifer resides in NJ and will be traveling throughout the U.S. attending trade shows and visiting customers.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys, traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Jon Klemer

Production Manager

Jon works with CAD-design developing new products or modifying old ones he is also a machinist here at Coyote and works closely with the Research and Development department. Jon completed a two-year machining program at the College of Western Idaho in Nampa, ID. He grew up in northern Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2006. Jon came to visit his brother in Ketchum in 2005 and that was all it took for him to decide to make Idaho his home. He has now been here 8 years is married and has three young children. His interests include spending time with his family, hunting, fishing, sports, and being outside.

Paul Krigbaum

R&D Assistant Manager

Paul was born in Seattle WA, grew up in Pendleton OR, and acquired his education at Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, OR where he earned a degree in Automotive Science and received training in welding and machining. Paul has lived in Boise since 1992, with his wife of 24 years and his 20-year-old daughter who is now attending WSU. Paul spent 30 years working in the automotive repair field as a master ASE technician, specializing in the diagnostic of electrical and computerized systems. When the physical demands proved to be detrimental to his health, Paul retired from the automotive field in 2009. After 7 surgeries and two years of recovery, Paul returned to work at Coyote working in the warehouse as a product assembler. He now assists in many departments throughout the company. Paul enjoys trying to improve productivity by creating and improving the tools and systems used to assemble and package items. When not at work, Paul enjoys traveling, fishing with his wife, flying remote-controlled airplanes, and tinkering in his workshop.

Abdul Majidy

Shipping Manager

As shipping manager Abdul makes sure all Coyote’s orders go out timely and accurately. He also helps with packaging and keeping the warehouse organized. Abdul is an Afghanistan immigrant to the United States due to the support he provided the US Armed Forces and Afghan National Army to rebuild their healthcare system. Abdul graduated from Arihant College with an associate’s degree in Business Management & Advanced Studies. He worked as a computer technician, provided computer instruction, and taught basic English. Abdul has studied Taekwondo for 17 years and spent 5 years as a member of the Afghan National Taekwondo Team. Abdul is married with three beautiful children and loves America for its freedom and opportunity.

Rod Smith

Marketing Director

Coyote’s Marketing Director has been with us since 2012. Rod produces our videos, helps with education and instructional information, advertising, graphics design, website development, photography, and where ever else he can be of assistance. Rod has a BS in Visual Communications with a Minor in Art from the University of Idaho and 18 years of television production experience.  Rod enjoys all Idaho’s outdoors has to offer with his wife and dogs.